QLogin is the simplest secure password and personal data manager application on the web. It encrypts and protects all your passwords and personal data with a single master password. Simply Install Qlogin on your computer or to a cloud drive like (Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox etc.) for centralized access to your data.

QLogin lets you manage and store userid's passwords, expiry dates, customer service numbers, credit cards and much more in an extremely easy to use interface. It organizes your data into multiple tabs for quick and easy access and provides one click login to websites.

It also offers unparalleled privacy features not offered by other products including features like keylogger protection for master password entry, password protected backup and restore of your data, privacy field masking, clear slate view (useful when accesing data in public spaces or around other people) and many more.

In addition QLogin is 100% free of any Adware, Malware or Spyware and is extremely simple to use. Secure personal data management does not get any better than this.

Simply put, QLogin is the best $10 investment you can make to protect and simplify your critical data access! Download QLogin and take it for a free test drive for 60 days!

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