QLogin provides some unparalleled features that distinguishes it from other products in the market. It uses RijndaelManaged 256 bit key and 128 bit initialization vector for data encryption. In addition, QLogin provides keylogger protection for master password, default protection for private fields (User Id and password), clean slate privacy screen mode for worry free access in public spaces etc., to name a few. Furthermore, data is protected by enabling full data wipe under instances of multiple intrusion attempts with invalid password ensuring that your data is protected at any cost.

In addition to enhanced security features described above, QLogin distinguishes itself with features abound that include simple spreadsheet style data entry for fast and easy data management , privacy field protection (sensitive information like User Id, passwords, credit card numbers etc. are hidden by default) , in-built formatted reports for print and file scenarios , export to HTML or Excel for offline use or email etc. , password enabled backup for indivdual or entire data sections , restoration of data to a new computer from password protected backups , double click access to websites with pre-filled userid and password fields , auto learn function that automatically identies userid and password fields on new websites and much more ..

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